Martin County, Minnesota
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Types of Lookups: Obituaries 
Books about Martin County 

Military Records ~ City Directories 
Please contact Martha if you have access to any of the above resources.

I have a subscription to Genealogy Bank which has old newspapers.
Please include full name of person and approximate time frame

I also have access to WVR and can do limited lookups.

RAOGK is Back!

USGW Archives: Martin County
Maps ~ Military

Perry - Castañeda Collection
David Rumsey Collection
MN Department of Natural Resources

More Maps:
From the Alabama Collection
From the Historic Map Works
And finally: Google Earth

Surveyors Maps

Minnesota and 'The Wars'

Colonial Wars
Dakota War of 1862 ~ 150 Years Later
1862 Indian War Claims
Civil & Indian Wars: 1861-1865
Spanish American War & Philippine Insurrection 
G A R Membership Records
Modern Wars, WW IWW II,
Korea [Ralph Carlson] Vietnam  
WW II Honor List of Dead or Missing
Prison Burials - Roll of Honor: 1865-1867

Minnesota Historical Society
Fort Snelling
Minnesota Civil War Units
Battlefield Maps
Civil War Burials - National Search Engine
Civil War Veteran Burials
Compiled Service Records: Union Soldiers
Search the Minnesota Inmate Database
Search for Living People [ZabaSearch]

Chronicling America
Google News Archive
Minnesota Historical Society - Old Bulletins

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Assistant State Coordinator: Karen De Groote
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